Full of Promise

Morning Dawns

On the night train
Heading north
Click clack, click clack
Bodies jostle
Conversations overheard
Words of laughter
Words of love
Words of hope
Thoughts of home
Thoughts of love
Thoughts of sadness

Lights flicker
Bodies sway
Making contact
Embarrassed moments
Excited moments
Train slows
Stops unknown
Passengers come
Passengers go

Click clack, click clack
Time passes
Lights flash
Passing sights
Dimmed in darkness
Ghostly shapes blur
Click clack, click clack

Carriage empties
Sleep overtakes
Click clack, click clack
Doors open
Roused from sleep
Through blurry eyes
New companion enters

Eyes meet
Smiles exchange
Pleasantries exchanged
Sadness observed
Tear stained cheeks
Conversation blossoms
Alone, together
Passing time
Laughter conceals
Hearts bruised by rejection

Move closer
The smell of perfume
Heady and sweet
Carriage lurches
Hand steadies
Eyes meet again
Held in time
Click clack, click clack
Flushed cheeks
Eyes cast down
Hand hastily retreats
Apologies made

Silence ensues
Lights flicker
Both speak at once
Embarrassed laughter
Eyes held again
Hand reaches out
Fingers entwine
Tensions ease
Relaxed and content
Conversation flows
Laughter contagious
Sleep overcomes

Morning dawns
Hand in hand
Head on my shoulder
Fingers through her hair
Eyes flicker
Eyes meet
Smiles wide
Tears dried

End of the line
Baggage collected
Breakfast together
Numbers exchanged
Plans made

Strangers met
Friends parted
Hearts open
Future unknown
Full of potential
Full of promise

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.


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