Another Has Passed

An Endless Gulf

To be a loner is one thing
But to feel alone another
The feeling of self as alone
Compared to being a loner
Is pain, anger and heartbreak

We are born alone
We will die alone
Each within our own thoughts
But the gulf between endless
Searching for another
Longing for their touch
On body, mind and soul

On this journey of finding
We trod many paths
Many worn, others untrodden
Many obstacles in the way
At times laying us low
Pondering if we can continue

Glimpses of others and their steps
Knowing another has passed
Gives hope and strength
With heavy heart we continue
Further stumbles are inevitable

We will retrace the same path
Taking the same wrong turns
Knowing but not knowing
Where we stumble and fall

When we fall we may linger
Soothing our wounds
With time
With thought
With hope
We set out again

Finding strength to carry on
Looking inward to passions
Delve deep and emerge refreshed
Realizing what is in you with acceptance

Fear of loneliness remains
Deepens but also opens
We change, others change
With change come possibilities
New ideas, people and places

People come and people go
They are as you are
Alone, searching, hoping
Ready for the next chance
The next possibility
The next time to find another
To be together alone

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.


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