An Evening Tale

By The Fire

Warmth of togetherness
Replaces warmth of season
Huddled by the fire
The winds blow high
The rain pelts down
Thunder rolls in the distance
Shadows move in rhythm
Moving closer
With every breath
Beauty in silhouette
Etched in time

Shapes on the wall
Reflecting past desires
Ever changing
Forever there
Moving slowly
Shadows made manifest

Through the cracks
Desires seep
Passion weep
Long held in check
Ready to burst forth

Smell of sea breeze
Heightens the senses
Holding you tight
Against the storm
Whispering words of love
Words of hope
Words of strength
Binding us together

Soft caresses
Fingertips trace
Lines of longing
Wrinkles of truth
Your skin is electric
Shivering with every touch
Moist and yielding
Parting and opening
Feeling the warmth
Deep inside
Your scent
Guides me
Holding me near

Ethereal visions
Wispy touch on lips
Unleashing passions
Free to wonder
Hand in hand
By the fire

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.


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