Hidden By Rain

The Girl With Butterfly Wings

Grey eyes bright, shinning in moonlight
Speaking volumes with their silent gaze
Never darkened by the buffeting of time
The girl with butterfly wings

Sitting alone at a street side café
Hearing lovers’ tiffs, lovers’ bliss
Sadness overtakes and wells up
The girl with butterfly wings

People gone, tables cleared
Moving on in a mournful gait
Autumn winds biting deep
The girl with butterfly wings

Tear stain cheeks, hidden by rain
A wind battered and worn heart
She looks for friends, for hope
The girl with butterfly wings

Dusk turns to darkness, alone
Missed out, misplaced, lost time
Beneath a harvest moon waiting
The girl with butterfly wings

Wandering through the mist and the fog
Fingers outstretched caressing shadows
Longing for their embrace of acceptance
The girl with butterfly wings

Heart exposed, open and alone
Some stare, others mock or ignore
The differences they do not share
The girl with butterfly wings

Looking deep into the darkness
Kindling the dwindling light within
Accepting the difference and embracing it
The girl who unfurled her wings and soared

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.

Life Magazine from 1907

Life Magazine from 1907


2 thoughts on “Hidden By Rain

  1. This is magnificent Shawn! Every word, every sentence and every message is heartfelt and relatable! What a powerful ending! Thanks for directing me to this piece! It’s weird how similar in nature it is to mine! Mine is like a more whimsical/fairytale version, whereas yours has a bold touch of realism about it! Wonderful..


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