Breaking the Silence

In Shadows Born

Dim lights flicker in the night
Rain washes everything clean
Footfalls in unison echo
Two lovers burst into view

Rushing forward hand in hand
Laughter breaking the silence
Gazing into each other’s eyes
Lips meet with electric charge

Fingers entwine fingers
Tingling with excitement
Grey eyes dive into blue
Passion and fear shared

Blushes develops, cheeks warm
Embarrassment as all eyes stare
Moving toward shadows
Pinned against cold bricks

She tastes her desires with want
Sweet scent mixing with rain
Excitement mounts, hearts race
Clutching each other tight and close

Legs part, skirt rides up and exposes
Cool air envelops and caresses dampness
Her stockings rustle as she moves closer
Quick intake of breath, exhaling pleasure

Lingering in thoughts for one another
Unknown pleasures of mind and body
Mix and mingle with questions and doubt
Released from the darkness and exposed

Her joy bursts forth
Tears and release flow
Merging with rain
Weakness envelopes

She trails her fingers through her hair
Clutching one another, bodies entwined
Sharing their warmth and excitement
Easing shudders released in embrace

Painful release of parting
Clothes smoothed and straightened
Gazing deep into each other’s eyes
Moving on into the night

Passions unleashed
Desires released
In shadows born
Moving into light

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.


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