Darkness and Light

From Deep Inside

The darkness comes early now
Creeping forth enveloping all
Blotting out the joy and the light
Shivering in the cold and rain

Bare trees surround
And tower over all
Skeleton fingers pointing
Mocking the wakeful hours

Tears flow from leaden skies
Black clouds billowing ahead
Compelling you forward
Enveloping you in its cold grip

Feeling abandoned
Feeling alone
From all directions
An icy wind blows

Wandering aimlessly
Without direction
Without resolve

Without light to follow
Or compass to guide
Fear and instinct combine
Forcing you on

Endless strength
With Compassion
And boundless hope
Will forge a path

Finding the comfort
Finding the warmth
Finding the light
Finding each other

Arms wrapped round you
To protect you
Keeping you warm
Holding you tight

Sharing your warmth
From deep inside
Feeling your heart
Tasting your breath

Holding each other tight
Joy and comfort returns
The light rekindled inside
Keeping the darkness at bay

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.


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