Lighted By Wisdom

The Heart & The Soul


In the raging storm
The heart leads
Without compass
Without guidance
Without malice
Fearless and reckless
Blind to consequences
With only hope in sight

A wounded heart
Is an open heart
On display
Ready to be hurt
Ready to be captured
Ready to be caressed
Ready to be healed
With gentle heart and hand


The scream of a soul
Loud and powerful
A force for destruction
A force for change
A force for hope
Reshaping and rebuilding
An architecture of emotions
Lighted by wisdom
Fragile and frail

Depth of soul
Depth of wonder
Hope revolves
Twisting in dark places
Struggling to find light
Yet clinging to the dark
Strength of resolve
Will lead us home

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.


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