Burning Bright, Burning Deep

Fragile Moments

It was in her dreams she found freedom
Blotting out the world with darkness
Sadness lurking in the corners of her life
A life not chosen by her but chosen for her

Existing in the light was a shadow existence
A mask of contentment worn like makeup
Hiding the scars that have been cut deep
Her heart locked away, key hidden from all

Dreams come in many shapes and many forms
At night it was the sadness that crept forth
Taking hold with a grip that squeezes tightly
Tears flow, staining her world, her mind, her soul

Hiding away within herself with solitary passions
Surrendering all to her inner desires and wants
A brief moment of freedom when ecstasy escapes
Only to be replaced by longing, fear and sadness

Fragile moments cherished, savored and relived
Locked away in her heart and mind like keepsakes
Without question, without deceit and without ridicule
Hers and hers alone, secret moments not to be shared

The walls of her prison were strong and high
Layer upon layer, built from loss and sadness
It was a safe place, a lonely place, a warm place
With a raging fire that burns bright but unseen

A self-consuming passion born from without
Housed within, nourished, fueled and stoked
An endless source, pain and sadness fuels dreams
Burning bright, burning long, burning deep, burning

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.


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