Contentment Reigns

The Last Page

A long, long way from home
Thoughts ponder
Missed chances
Missed opportunities
Missed loves

Content in ways
Yet longing for more
Duty lead and duty bound
Needed passions
Needed desires
Pushed aside
Locked away

A story untold
Ghostly scenes
Floating at the edges
Reaching out to grasp
Vanishing in misty haze
Blurred by times passing

Pages blank
But numbered
Titles penciled in
Outlines caressed
Words whispered
Words unknown
Words forgotten

In dreams your muse visits
Opening creaking doors
Bringing light to the darkness
The horizon obscured
Destinations unknown
And unknowable
Side roads glimpsed
Full of promise

In wakefulness fear encroaches
Fear of desire
Fear of passion
Fear of self
Doubts multiply
Yet excite

First steps taken
Pen in hand
Words on the page
Made manifest
By hope
By desire
Words flow
Passions soar
Self-awareness guides you
Leads you, compels you

Plot lines emerge
Words pour forth
Rushing to the end
But holding back
Rewriting and editing
Reshaping and extending
Too many journeys
Too many paths
To be bound by convention

Once written
Pages cherished
Holding them close
Your story has a life
A freedom of its own
All from within you

Blank pagers are now friends
Companions in exploration
Excitement of mystery
Excitement of the unknown
No longer written in advance
But now as a diary to self

Contentment reigns
Fulfillment widens
As pages turn
A wish arises
Takes hold
For it to never end
And never to know
The last page

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.


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