Out of the Abyss

In My Thoughts

You are my 3am alarm clock
The mournful tone wakes me
Breathless, heart racing, sweating
Staring into nothingness and realization

I am there again when you left
Holding your hand smiling
Then snatched from me forever
Alone then as I am in the dark now

It comes in the darkness
When I sleep it appears
An empty feeling
A feeling of hopelessness

I reach out for comfort
You are not there
Even knowing this
I still feel the cold sheets

I roll over and clutch the pillow
Shutting my eyes tight
Trying to block out the memory
But knowing you are always there

They joy of remembering your face
Mingled with the pain of your absence
Emotions that make angels weep
And my heart sink into the dark abyss

From the depths comes a light
Flickering in the distance, moving
But enough to guide me, lead me
The path unclear but with promise

You will always be there in my thoughts
But now by my side is another
A new hand to hold while I stroll
Towards the future, towards hope

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.


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