Exposed For All To See

Words on the Page

My thoughts begin, develop and flow
Words take shape, multiply and grow
Working together, rearranging, ordering
Written on the page, etched in reality
Not permanent, not unchangeable

More thoughts coalesce, take shape
Frantic scribbling before they escape
Changing emotions, conflicting, revealing
Feelings well up, exposed for all to see
Tears combined with ink flow on the page

Points of view rotate and change with tense
Like a camera focusing, trying to make sense
Releasing the tension, words made manifest
Unlocking doors, revealing the darkness
Echoing and resonating, reflecting longing

Re-written and re-shaped, the words projecting
Lines of thought and passion emerge, connecting
Evoking images, feelings, reactions and conflict
Emotions long held in check explore and roam free
Skin tingles, tears flow, desires awaken, building

Words on the page, the only way of expressing
Releasing pain, taking hold, touching, caressing
Their sound and every inflection reverberate
Bursting forth in a cacophony of words and vision
Unseen eyes caressing words, holding them close

Hope is rekindled, mixed with memory and fear
Beauty long hidden behind a mask yet so clear
Emerges slowly, hesitantly, wary of the pain
Tasting its freedom, nourished by tenderness
Thoughts in my mind, words on the page, for you

Copyright © 2013 Shawn D. Standfast. All rights reserved.


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